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Video evidence of Distance Healing (£30)

AURA READINGS - 30 mins (£25)

Red, yellow, green or blue,

What does your aura say about you?

A 22-page pdf you will receive,

All about you if you believe,

So have a go and take a seat,

And watch your moving aura beat.

By placing your left hand on a bio feedback hand sensor linked to a laptop, the client gets their picture taken and a 22-page report is automatically generated and saved as a pdf showing:

  • all the colours of your aura,
  • how much energy in your chakra centres,
  • your mind/ body/ spirit balance,
  • how relaxed/ stressed you are (mentally and physically),
  • your yin/ yang balance,
  • the vibrational frequency of your energy,
  • how emotional you are,
  • all this and more in a 22-page pdf sent your email address.

BI-AURA THERAPY - 60 mins (£40)

"My second case study gave up her repeat prescription after one session. Another client gave up her walking stick after years of using one. What will a Bi-Aura session do for you?"

As a Bi-Aura therapist, I was trained by the Bi-Aura Foundation and qualified in 2010. By getting the chi moving from head to toe, this helps to invoke a sense of emotional release, a sense of "letting go". This has physical benefits as well as most health conditions have a mental or emotional cause. So by getting rid of the heavy energy, the client feels lighter. Improvements normally include:

  • better sleep,
  • more energy,
  • feeling happier,
  • a reduction or release of stress and any other health symptoms.
The benefits vary from client to client as we are all individual with a unique experience in life, therefore, every client experience is different. Richard has also been featured in Kindred Spirit & Chat It's Fate magazines. 

DISTANCE HEALING - 30 mins (£30)

Richard connects with your energy field to detect and clear any blockages and balance the energy field, just as he would normally do as if he were right in front of you. Distance really is no barrier!

1. Check the time in the UK.

2. Call 0044 1383 730539 between 10am to 6pm (or call through Facebook or WhatsApp for international calls) with your payment details to confirm your appointment or ask for my bank details if you wish to pay by BACS (£30).

CONTACT: 0044 1383 730539 

/ 0044 7792 854088​