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Richard BarriballHello and thanks for visiting my page. I love my work as an Aura Reader and Bi-Aura Therapist and I am professionally qualified with a diploma in Bio-Energy Healing with Bi-Aura International. If you feel drawn to, you can visit me at the Shining Light shop in Edinburgh or Falkirk. Alternatively, you may prefer to book a home visit or a Distance Healing session via Whatsapp. However you wish to book, I know that you will benefit greatly from an appointment with me. It is my soul purpose to help others and I hope to see you soon.

  Aura Readings  

Available in Edinburgh & Falkirk

(or book a home visit)


Red, yellow, green or blue, 

What does your aura say about you?

A 22-page pdf you will receive, 

All about you if you believe.

So have a go and take a seat, 

And watch your moving aura beat.


By placing your left hand on a bio feedback hand sensor (which connects to my laptop), I will take your photo and with the data generated from your left hand, I will produce a 22-page pdf report showing all the colours in your and what they all mean, your chakra energy levels, how relaxed you are mentally and physically, your mind/ body/ spirit balance all in a pdf which will be emailed to your inbox on completion of the appointment.

  Bi-Aura Therapy  

Available in Edinburgh & Falkirk

(or book a home visit)


Wherever you are, whatever you do,

Bi-Aura will cheer you when you feel blue,

With an open mind, give it a go,

To get yourself back in the flow.


Bi-Aura Therapy is a chakra based energy healing which gets the chi moving to release stuck energy. Bi-Aura therapy works on every level - mental, physical, emotional and spiritual - to release negative emotions and feel lighter and happier with better sleep and more energy. 


I have been featured in two national magazines. CLICK HERE for more information.

  Distance Healing  

Performed remotely from my home to yours via Whatsapp


When the path ahead is foggy and you're not quite in the flow,
Just put aside your worried thoughts, relax and they will go,
When you let go of the worry, you allow yourself "to be",
Your happy carefree natural self, your true nature is free.
Video eveidence of Distance Healing shows that distance is no barrier. As long as the client is open to the concept, then there is nothing to get in the way.
Ever so grateful to have found Richard. Richard is gifted and kind. Highly recommend!


What are the Chakras all about?