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Richard BarriballHello and thanks for visiting my page. I love my work as an Aura Reader and Bi-Aura Therapist and I am professionally qualified with a diploma in Bio-Energy Healing with Bi-Aura International. If you feel drawn to, you can visit me at the Shining Light shop in Edinburgh or Falkirk. Alternatively, you may prefer to book a home visit or a Distance Healing session via Whatsapp. However you wish to book, I know that you will benefit greatly from an appointment with me. It is my soul purpose to help others and I hope to see you soon.

  Aura Readings  

Available in Edinburgh & Falkirk

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Red, yellow, green or blue, 

What does your aura say about you?

A 22-page pdf you will receive, 

All about you if you believe.

So have a go and take a seat, 

And watch your moving aura beat.


By placing your left hand on a bio feedback hand sensor (which connects to my laptop), I will take your photo and with the data generated from your left hand, I will produce a 22-page pdf report showing all the colours in your and what they all mean, your chakra energy levels, how relaxed you are mentally and physically, your mind/ body/ spirit balance all in a pdf which will be emailed to your inbox on completion of the appointment.

  Bi-Aura Therapy  

Available in Edinburgh & Falkirk

(or book a home visit)


Wherever you are, whatever you do,

Bi-Aura will cheer you when you feel blue,

With an open mind, give it a go,

To get yourself back in the flow.


Bi-Aura Therapy is a chakra based energy healing which gets the chi moving to release stuck energy. Bi-Aura therapy works on every level - mental, physical, emotional and spiritual - to release negative emotions and feel lighter and happier with better sleep and more energy. 


I have been featured in two national magazines. CLICK HERE for more information.

  Distance Healing  

Performed remotely from my home to yours via Whatsapp


When the path ahead is foggy and you're not quite in the flow,
Just put aside your worried thoughts, relax and they will go,
When you let go of the worry, you allow yourself "to be",
Your happy carefree natural self, your true nature is free.
Video eveidence of Distance Healing shows that distance is no barrier. As long as the client is open to the concept, then there is nothing to get in the way.
Ever so grateful to have found Richard. Richard is gifted and kind. Highly recommend!



 The Root Chakra  - Are you grounded?

The “current of liberation” sends your energy up, which helps to meditate, connect, and receive inspiration. Then the “current of manifestation” sends the energy down, which helps to take charge of our physical body, environment, and bring things into being, (the right of the root chakra is “to be”).


We are spiritual people having a physical experience, so both currents of energy are equally important. As a holistic practitioner, I send my energy up very easily, though it takes me a little longer to come back down and ground myself.


Some people travel these currents of energy easier than others. Ideally, if you can average around the heart centre, (528,000kHz) then that’s a good place to be, as the heart chakra issues include your work and life balance. If you tend to think too much and worry, then that automatically sends your energy up. If you can surrender and trust more, then that helps to ground.


This image represents the frequency measurement of a client’s energy level, with the four bars representing intuitive, mental, emotional and physical energy levels. I once did an aura reading for a lady who said that she does tarot readings upstairs in her home. “I keep falling down my stairs,” she exclaimed.


So I pointed to her energy level, which was close to 900,000kHz and suggested, “Well... you need to ground yourself before you walk your stairs.”


Another client had a physical disability, who had to use a walking frame to get around in order to maintain her balance. Her energy was floating even higher and was very white and grey.


Another medium friend once said to me “the deeper that you ground yourself, the higher you can safely fly.”

I did a home visit to a client who was diagnosed with terminal COPD, a condition which affects the breath. She was even hooked up to an oxygen machine.


So, knowing that the breath connects with the root chakra, which has the saboteur of fear.  "Panic Attacks" is a good example of this. So my first question to the client was, “Do you consider yourself to be a fearful person?”

Her reply was: “I’ve been living in fear all my life!”


She was fearful that her Dad would find her again after being abused in childhood! So after helping her to realize that it was her fear that was making herself ill... she was able to drop the fear... and she lived way past the date the doctors gave her of her life expectancy!


So the experience that I have gained performing aura readings has given me a very unique insight (in addition to my professional training) with how our bodies respond to our energy and how we use it.


Root chakra issues: Roots, grounding, nourishment, trust, health, home, family, prosperity, appropriate boundaries.


 The Sacral Chakra  - Do you have enough fun and pleasure in your life?

The natural right of the sacral chakra is ‘to feel and have pleasure’, with the saboteur of ‘guilt’. It is the seat of emotion, hence the phrase “trust your gut”.


This chakra becomes heavy, if your life becomes dull, routine or boring... or if there is not enough fun and pleasure in your life... So when was the last time you really felt joyful? Do you do something at least once or twice a week that brings you joy? It is important to do something joyful on a regular basis.


And with it being the seat of emotion, it is also important that you regularly clear your energy of any negative emotions that you might carry. The following exercise can also help.


The Elastic Band Exercise

Wear an elastic band around your wrist... (left wrist if you are right handed)... so that it is small enough to stay on and big enough to not block the blood supply to the hand.


Then, every time you catch yourself thinking or feeling something negative, give yourself a little ping so that you can train the brain in to associating negative thinking with pain, but don’t do it for more than two days, and DON'T ping yourself in to casualty!


The element of the sacral is water, so all the fluids in your body respond to your emotions, hence the full moon causes more domestic disputes, police call outs, and the onset of birth compared to a non full moon night. The statistics show this to be true.


Emotions are carried in the wrists, knees and ankles. The ankles are like shackles. If a male energy has affected your direction in life in a negative way, then this will show on the right ankle as the right side connects with your interactions with male energy. Pain can also manifest there if you are doing a job that you hate but it provides for your sons.


Another way of shedding emotions is to write them on a piece of paper and burn it on a full moon, as the burning symbolises the energy of releasing that which no longer serves you.


So if your life feels a little humdrum and you are just 'existing', then spice things up a bit and do something spontaneous!


Sacral chakra issues: pleasure, emotions, needs, desires, sensuality, sexuality, movement.


 The Solar Plexus Chakra  - Do you treasure your ego?

The ego is a source of power within you that determines the direction you take with your free will. If your ego inspires you to try to be something that you're not, then the journey of trying to be that something will teach you the lesson of exactly who you are.


If you are dissatisfied with your life in any way, then it is your ego which gives you the desire to do something about it accordingly. The ego closely connects with your free will to help you attain your life goals and ambitions. It drives your free will to help you achieve your desires.


Without the ego, you will say you are lacking in will power, but it is the ego that drives your will. It is your ego which decided to separate from source and create another way of being. It is an intrinsic part of your personality which identifies the individual aspect of you.


Treasure your ego, for it represents you while you are in the physical.


The experience of the journey is more important than the destination.


The truth of the situation is that it doesn’t matter what you are not, but that it matters more who you are, and who you choose to be.


For instance, when one is not in a place of being happy and in the flow, then it causes one to search for answers as to why, but when you go with the flow and don’t let your ego fight against it, magical things can happen.


When you can learn to get what you want within the flow of what potentials present themselves to you, then you will be flowing in interaction with all that is.


The ego wants, and the spirit just is. When we can learn to act from that place of universal truth, then the ego stops fighting, but as soon as you go against it, then the flow is interrupted, uneven or blocked. Learn to BE in the flow and recognize where it is taking you.


When the cock stops fighting, the feathers have to be picked up off the ground. When the chicken panics he makes a startling noise.


When you have found the person that you are meant to be, that is, in the flow of all that is, your higher self, and your soul purpose, happiness, peace and fulfillment are yours.


If you are unsure of what you are meant to be expressing in your life, look within, for there in lies all the answers.


The life of a writer inspires and portrays a story. A story that other people can identify with, is a story worth telling.


So, if someone was writing a biography of the life you have lived, or yet to live, what would you like it to say? See the words that you know are a true part, of you, and take the appropriate action to fulfill them if you don’t want to feel trapped."


Solar Plexus Chakra: energy, action, transformation, drive, will power, sense of self, sense of identity.


 The Heart Chakra  - Do you love yourself enough to say "No"?


If you are a "people pleaser", then you maybe more likely to attract someone who is happy to receive, as a giver needs a receiver to give to. Have you ever been out for a meal with a friend, and you end up fighting about, "who pays the bill"?


A giver will attract a receiver, as they like to make people happy by giving. "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” So, a receiver who is happy to receive is more likely, (over the course of time), to eventually take you for granted.


In my philosophy that I channel, the recurring theme seems to be "for the good of all concerned" with YOU in that equation.


So the issues of the heart chakra include, "self love" and "work and life balance", as well as "loving others". 


This chakra gets drained, if you fulfil roles and responsibilities, which you may feel obligated to do, but if you are not happy doing it, then this will drain the heart chakra. You will also lose your sense of self, (in the solar plexus), because you end up giving your power away too easily.


Acceptance is another heart chakra issue, which I believe I have seen a connection with this and heart palpitations in clients.


“If you can’t change the situation, then practice ACCEPTANCE

If you can’t practice acceptance then CHANGE THE SITUATION.”


So, if you feel drained with pleasing people, then it is important to exercise "self love" by saying "No" to the demands of others.


Grief is also felt in the heart chakra, which can also manifest as tension, or pain, in other parts of the body, such as the feet, or knees.


Most people tend to learn "self love" the hard way. What is your life, teaching you, about yourself?


Heart chakra issues: work and life balance, relationships, intimacy, self love, and loving others.


 The Throat Chakra  - Is your partner "a pain in the neck"?

The right of the throat chakra is “to speak and hear truth” with the saboteur of “lies”. If you have a communication issue with a male person, then this may manifest as tension in the right side of the neck (the male side). Which means that your partner literally can be “a pain in the neck”. Alternatively, communication issues with female energy may show on the left side of the neck.


If there are the things that you think about expressing but don’t let it out, then this may manifest as a tickly throat or cough. Likewise, past communication issues may manifest at the back of the neck.


Listening is equally as important as talking. If you think about music, the rests between the notes create rhythm. Which brings us to the ears. If someone said something that really upset you, then this may create an imbalance which may show up as a feeling of vertigo or discomfort when lying down.


If someone is very talkative, then I will feel the front of throat chakra pushing forward which much energy. A quiet person may show up with heavy energy there.


Throat chakra issues: communication, listening, resonance, self expression, creativity.


 The Third Eye Chakra  - Are you looking at the future or the past?

With the third eye chakra we see the way forward and look back at the past. So, the lesson with this chakra is to learn be in the moment of NOW.


Headaches may occur if you if your mind is busy or if the nature of your mental activity is stressful.


If you are artistic then the third eye helps with recognizing patterns. We also have the potential to be obsessed with an idea and may fail to see other alternatives.


If you have a nervous tick in the eye, then there may be something that you are refusing to see or choose to turn a blind eye too.


We dream in our third eye, though many fail to remember their dreams when they wake up. Memory also connects with the third eye.


Third Eye Chakra issues: visualization, insight, vision, intuition, dreams, imagination.


 The Crown Chakra  - Are you ascending?

The right of the Crown Chakra is “to know and learn” with the saboteur of “attachment”. The colour of the Crown chakra is white, though if an aura reading shows yellow around the head, then that means an analytical mind. It can also mean that one finds it hard to switch off at night, and therefore, sleep may be an issue.


It is the final station stop on the current of liberation (of the main seven chakras) where it is possible to transcend our earthly body and feel a sense of floating whilst mentally connecting with other realms of existence like the higher consciousness or “Source”, past lives (known as “The Akashic Records”), the higher self, angels, spirit guides or “remote viewing” other parts of our world or far away worlds.


Though it is important not to get too “carried away” as one can get caught up in the spiritual web of ideas and potentials that one can find it hard to make a choice and bring those higher potentials back into the earthly plane.


“When you’ve listened to that voice and all tumult is done,

Your life is the life of the “Infinite One”,

In the hurrying race you are conscious of pause,

With love for the purpose and love for the cause.” (Quote from the poem “My Law” byTieme Ranapiri)


Crown Chakra issues: Higher Power, Divinity, unison, belief, immanence, transcendence.


So, if you would like to see what is happening in your aura, or if you think that your emotions are affecting your health,  book online  or text:  07792 854088.