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       THE CHAKRAS       


Check out the full page feature in "Kindred Spirit" magazine.

BETD (Bio-Energy Therapy Diploma)

BAI Reg. (Bi-Aura® International Registered)

Online Gift Voucher

Send an online Gift Voucher for one of the following:

1. Aura Reading worth £25 - 30mins

2. Distance Healing via WhatsApp £30 - 50mins

3. Bi-Aura Therapy session worth £45 - 1-hour

4. Combined Aura Reading with Bi-Aura worth £65 - 90mins

CLICK HERE to gift an online gift voucher 

Services available Weds, Fri & Sat in Edinburgh - 

Shining Light Holistic Shop, 141 Dalry Road, Edinburgh, EH11 2EA

5-minute freebie - "What Vibes are you Radiating?" 

Tune in with Richard via Whatsapp (0044 7792 854088) to see what imbalances are being felt. For example:

* tension in the shoulders may suggest worry,

* tension in the arms may suggest indecision,

* headaches might suggest mental stress. Sometimes we are not aware of the emotions we carry until someone else points them out to us. 

BOOK HERE (to connect remotely via WhatsApp)