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Aura Cleanse - 0044 7792 854088

Red, yellow, green or blue,

What does your AURA say about YOU?

Guest Speaker Richard Barriball

Hello and thank you for visiting my website. My name is Richard Barriball and I love my work as an Aura Reader and Bi-Aura Therapist which I mainly perform at:

1. Shining Light, 141 Dalry Road, Edinburgh, EH11 2EA

2. Shining Goddess, 45 Glebe Street, Falkirk, FK1 1HX

I can also be booked for a home visit and furthermore, worldwide for a Distance Healing session.

I have been clairsentient since 2013 which means that I feel the emotional and physical pain of others which enables me to work intuitively with my clients. As a Bi-Aura therapist, I get the chi moving and flowing to release stuck energy and negative emotions.


Aura Readings – Edinburgh, Falkirk or home visits (£30 for 30-mins) 

Demonstration Video of an Aura Reading in Edinburgh or Falkirk

Home visits Red, yellow, green or blue, What does your aura say about you?

A 22-page pdf you will receive, All about you if you believe.

So have a go and take a seat, And watch your moving aura beat.

By placing your left hand on a bio-feedback answer, you can see all the colours in your aura, what all the colours mean, the strength of your chakras, your mind/body/spirit balance, how stressed and relaxed you are. All this and more in a 22-page pdf which will be sent to your email address on completion of the session.

BOOK HERE for Edinburgh & Falkirk 

Book here for home visits in West Fife – £25

Book here for home visits outside West Fife £30 

Aura Reading Parties – Available within an hour drive from Dunfermline 

Aura Reading Parties

You may host an AURA READING PARTY in the comfort of your own home surrounded by family or friends. These are shorter readings depending on how many guests, but you still receive a 22-page pdf showing all the aura colours and what it all means. For around 3 to 10 people at £15 per person plus petrol costs. I will also give a group explanation (10 to 15-mins) to enhance your understanding at a time when everyone is present. While you are waiting for your individual reading (in a separate room to everyone else), I can also provide some divination cards, dowsing rods and a pendulum for your party to experiment with which I can cover in the group explanation. Please text to ask for evening or weekend availability – 07792 854088.

Bi-Aura Therapy – Edinburgh, Falkirk or home visits (£45 for 1-hour)

Bi-Aura Therapy with Richard in Edinburgh or Falkirk.

Wherever you are, whatever you do,

Bi-Aura will cheer you when you feel blue,

With an open mind, give it a go,

To get yourself back in the flow.

Bi-Aura Therapy is a chakra based energy healing which gets the chi moving to release stuck energy. Bi-Aura therapy works on every level – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual – to release negative emotions and feel lighter and happier with better sleep and more energy. I have been featured in three national magazines – “Chat It’s Fate”, “Kindred Spirit” and “Fate and Fortune.”  BOOK HERE for Edinburgh & Falkirk

Book here for a Dunfermline area home visit

Book here for a home visit outside West Fife

Distance Healing – Performed remotely (£35 for 50-mins)

Distance Healing

When the path ahead is foggy and you’re not quite in the flow,

Just put aside your worried thoughts, relax and they will go,

When you let go of the worry, you allow yourself “to be”,

Your happy carefree natural self, your true nature is free.

“Action + Intention = Result”.

This is the equation that Jonathan Goldman (sound healer) came up with in order to explain the healing process. As well as intention, I will also use my clairsentient gift to scan your aura to detect any heavy energy and get the chi moving to lighten your energy field and invoke a sense of emotional release leaving you to feel happier and lighter. BOOK HERE

Pet Healing – Performed remotely £40 (includes chakra energy report)

Pet Healing

“From my home to yours.”

Would you like to know that your pet is happy? I will connect with the energy of your pet companion and feel if there is any imbalance showing in the chakras, energy field or physically in the body. Ideally this should be done when your pet is home alone and without any distractions as the relaxation helps with the connection and any healing to take place. I will then email a report to describe my observations which will include a chakra chart and any sensations of clairsentience I felt during the session. My body is like divination for emotions. For example, I feel worry on the shoulders or grief in the knees. BOOK HERE

Guest Speaker – Within an hour of Dunfermline

Guest Speaker Richard Barriball

I can give talks and presentations to any spiritual development circles covering:

  • my energy knowledge on the chakras,
  • Bi-Aura Therapy,
  • Distance Healing,
  • The link between the mind and the body,
  • The importance of grounding.

Happy to talk for 45 to 90 minutes. This I can do on a travel expenses only basis as long as I can network my business information. Please text to ask about my availability at weekends or evenings – 07792 854088


  • ★★★★★ Laura C – 19 May 2023 

    Love Richard. He is amazing at what he does. I had an aura reading and then Bi-aura cleanse over 4 sessions and now I feel so much better. I have recommended Richard to family and friends.

  • ★★★★★ Shakti – 22 March 2023 

    My session with Richard was great. I have never tried Bi-Aura therapy before so it was interesting to see how it compared with other healing modalities. It’s definitely a very powerful tool and I enjoyed the experience of feeling the energy moving in my field. Richard has a lot of knowledge about the therapy itself along with the chakra system. I recommend it to anyone who feels stagnant or would like insight into their emotional well-being.

  • ★★★★★ Sarah – 6 March 2023 

    This is my second time using Richard. This time there was 3 of us. Richard was very informative and upbeat and brought good energy to the room. He done group work and individual readings and as always sent our reports by the end of the same day.

  • ★★★★★ Julie Brammeld – 16 May 2022 

    I have just finished my distance healings with Richard Amazing !!! richard was 100% spot on with everything he told me I wasn’t sure about distance healing before but it was like richard was in the room with me . would recommend richard to anyone thinking about getting distance healing. You won’t be disappointed.

Find us in Edinburgh at:

Shining Light, 141 Dalry Road, Edinburgh, EH11 2EA.


Find us in Falkirk at:

Shining Goddess, 45 Glebe Street, Falkirk, FK1 1HX.


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